Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Improvements:)

I love our new sink....Dave surprised me by putting in a new sink in our kitchen a while back (and he did it all by himself!) & I hadn't got a chance to share with all my blogging friends!:) No more yucky looking sink, now it's new and improved!!:) I love doing home improvements!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday Dave!

Yesterday we celebrated Dave's 31st!!It wouldn't be Dave's Birthday with out his favorite ice cream cake from DQ!:)

This is the hat Dave got with the $ my mom sent for his B-day...He will be styling when he plays golf this spring & summer.
The thumbs up means...THANKS!:)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rally in the Valley

We have a big district Rally coming up on May 2 & 3. Dave has had the privilege of organizing this Rally and it will be held at Kings Valley. Join us in prayer that God will truly BLESS this event & more teens will come to know Jesus as their Savior that weekend!

Check out:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My 1st Trade Show!

On Saturday I was in my 1st mini Trade Show! The event was called "A Girl Thing" and all the vender's were women running their own businesses. It was alot fun and I was able to make alot of great contacts and people really responded well to my work, so that was exciting. Becky's mom was in the trade show too, so it was great hanging out with Becky all day too!

My table...

Becky's mom's table...

Bex & Net

Saturday, April 05, 2008

PURE Chic'- High School Girls Lock In

This year I decided that we should do two girls night lock in' for the JR High girls and one for the High School Girls. Last weekend was our High School Girls Lock In- "PURE Chic'" I wanted the girls to come & enjoy a night of just being a girl!!! The night was jam packed with fun events... they could come get their hair, makeup & nails done, enjoy a fashion show put on by their peers with "PURE Chic'" fashion trends, play on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), rock out to Guitar Hero & Rock band, and watch girly movies, such as "Enchanted" and "Ever After"...but my main purpose and vision for the night was for the girls to find out why God calls us to be Pure. I did a purity night back at College Church for my JR High girls and it was an amazing time so I really wanted to get the chance for my new girls to experience that as well. God totally blessed our "Purity talk". We had a panel of amazing women and the girls could ask ANYTHING they wanted on the subject. The girls wrote their questions on pieces of paper and were all handed in in a basket so that no one knew who asked what... I of course sorted through the questions and also made sure things were talked about like...What is purity? What does the BIBLE say about sex before marriage...Why wait?....Am I a virgin if I was abused sexually? What do I do if my boyfriend pressures me? The girls asked some amazing questions and it was a great time...later we broke up the girls in small groups with each a leader from the panel where they were able to discuss in their groups what had been talked about. I then had one of our teens sing an amazing song called..."Legacy" then I challenged the girls to decide if they wanted to leave a Legacy and live a pure life and decide to wait to have sex when they get married. It was amazing to see the response from the girls, for those who decided to take the vow of purity they were given the option to fill out a contract and post it by the cross. I was sooo proud of the girls and pray that with God's help they can live a pure and holy life.

Here is a peak at what our all nighter looked like...

Girls arriving...

Lyndsay, Me, & Sarah (some of the many volunteers that night)

Smoothies for everyone!!

Want to get your makeup done?

Looking good!


Craft time...let's make a purse!

Hair!!! The most favorite station!!

Pretty nails...

Rockin out to ROCKBAND!

Want your picture taken?

The girls were served appetizers before our Purity Panel discussion....

The Panel...

The vows...

Time for the fashion show!!!

Looking good!

The ultimate PURE chic' outfit...a white wedding gown!

YEAH for the girls!

Our lovely models for the evening...most of these girls also helped planned the Lock In.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter came & went sooo fast this year! Just wanted to share a few photos from our Easter service @ Kings Valley.


Dave & I got to be in a sketch that acted out the song...."He's Alive"

"Come on guys you have to see...he's gone, the tomb is empty!"

The only thing that was left in the tomb...

But He's Alive....!!

He's Alive!:)

This was a skit showing the 12 disciples, having a time of communion/ fellowship as they remembered what Christ had done for them.

Pastor Don

After the service we had Brent & Mel over for a Easter dinner...

They surprised me with a Birthday cake!!:)