Friday, September 29, 2006

Studio 1

Another big project that happened this summer right before the fall kick-off...was creating the children's ministries room, downstairs for the K-5th grade students. Linda, (Director of Children's Ministries) asked me to create a logo for the new room "Studio 1" and also a logo for the new name for the kids ministry... "Kidz World". I had a blast playing around on Illustrator to create a logo...then I had the priviledge of painting the logos, LIFE SIZE on the walls. So much fun, I got to help Linda create the whole new look! I even got to take some pictures of the kids to put up on the stairwell to the "lower level" Studio 1. I had a blast being creative, it's a great way to worship God in my book!

This is me and Linda:)

Now I will take you on a "tour" of the new..."STUDIO 1"! First you walk into the church and you notice the door heading down stairs to Studio 1, you open the door and the first thing you see of the Kings Valley kids!

Keep on going...head down the stairs, there is more pictures of the kids:)

At the bottom of the stairs first thing you see is the Studio 1 logo...larger then life, carved out of foam and painted! (That was alot of fun to make! Linda even ordered me a special foam carving tool!)

Now your entering into Studio 1...first thing you see is the "Studio Shop". This is where the kids can spend their well earned "Studio Cash" on prizes!

Keep on coming in...this is the back wall of Studio 1.

Welcome to Studio 1!

Hope you enjoyed the tour, I know we sure enjoyed making it!:)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cooking with Nettie

I admit...I like food, I just don't always like to take the time to cook anything that can't be prepared in 20 minutes or less. Since I haven't taken the time...I must admit that I'm 26 years old and have never roasted anything. Today I changed that, I decided I was going to attempt something new. How hard can it be? So today I roasted a chicken! I have documented my welcome to "Cooking with Nettie"!

Starting from the begining...

Homemade stuffing, pre-cooked of course. Who knew it was so easy!

In the oven it goes...I hope it doesn't burn, or even worse I hope I don't bite into a raw piece of chicken when I'm finished...

2 and half hours later...WOW that looks good enough to eat!

Besides the roasted chicken and homemade stuffing, I also prepared for today's special...mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and broccoli.


Tune in next time to find out what else I discover I can cook. Thats all today for... "Cooking with Nettie"!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Dan & Dave

Worship time...

Youth Worship Band

Crowd Breaker...first one with TP through the toilet seat wins!

Crowd Breaker continues...

Crazy game time, we had to put our small groups in a large rubber band and they had to run through a relay race...This my 7th Grade girls small group:)

Me & Dave...& Brent

Our kickoff was heaps of fun! Students seemed to really respond well to the new structure and order of service. God's presence was strong and he provided a great night to start the new year.
The night looked like this...

KV Youth

Wednesday September 13, 2006

Round Up…“Let’s Get it Started”...Music
Welcome (2 min)…..…...Dave & Dan
Announcements (3 min)....…….Dave
Middle School Boys Gym Night
Friday September 22nd
6-9 PM Cost: $3

KV’s Got Talent
Wednesday Ocotber 11th

Toilet Seat Game (5 min)…………Dave
Worship (20 min)…….………….Worship Team
Middle School to Games…………Dave
H.S. Worship (10 min)…………….Dan
H.S. Message (15 min)……………..…….Dave
High School to Small Groups……………………Dave
M.S. Worship (10 min)…………….Dan
M.S. Message (15 min)……………..…….Dave
Middle School to Small Groups……………………Dave

Thanks for everyone that prayed for our kick off!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes, Deer

Today when I was loading our dish washer, I looked out our kitchen window and saw 3 beautiful deer. (One isn't in the picture, he was shy) I know thats not that big of deal, trust me I have seen many of deer...atleast many that have run out in front of my car, & yeah one that almost completely wrecked my little red car. Anywho, I thought it would be neat to see how close I could get to I graped our digital camera and headed outside. Take a look...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Silver Lake

Last week Lynnette and I travelled to Ontario to help out with Teen Camp at Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp. Silver Lake is the camp that I grew up going to and it was really fun to be back. Tim Branscombe and I were put in charge of activities for the week. We played the classics from Giant Ball Kick-Ball to Dodgeball and a great game known as the Garbage Can Game. Darren Dicks led worship for the week and Dan Schilke was one of the speakers. It was a great time to hang out with old friends, meet new ones and spend some time with my famiily. Here are some pics.

(oh yeah, and our computer is working again, special thanks to Steve Wilson, so we can start posting again yipee!!)

The Camp Picture
Dave & Tim
Lynnette & The Girls
Mom & Dad & Pizza
Driving Home with a Mustache

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hard Drive Meltdown

My computer resently went nuts... Three Sundays ago to be exact, I had to have the hard drive replaced and am now trying to remount the operating system. This being said we haven't been able to post in a while. We just got back from Silver Lake Camp in Ontario and hope to have to some pictures up as soon as we can get everything working. If you know anyone that has an old copy of Adobe Illustrator that want to sell it let me know... Thanks