Friday, January 23, 2009

Take a Chance on Me

We're huge fans of The Office, so I thought I'd share one of my top five Office moments with you. Plus this song got stuck in my head tonight, so now it's stuck in yours as well. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love Jesus, but...

Check out this clip from Ellen, make sure you listen for the part "I love Jesus, but..."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home Renovations:)

Bathroom- BEFORE


Dave & I have recently done a few home improvements...starting with our bathroom.  The bathroom was one of the rooms I hadn't painted when we first moved here in 2006...sooo when I accidentley sprayed my shower curtain with my bleach cleaner instead of febreze like I had attended...I decided it was time for a little bathroom make over:)


Now a confession.... For almost 3 years we have been putting up a sheet in our bedroom, guestroom and office because all we had on the windows were white sheers....well we finally did something about that!  

AFTER- Praise the Lord for blinds!:)

One more fun detail we did to our other bathroom that is connected to our bedroom is get a medicine cabinet, yeah no more stuff on the counter!:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Really, Really Cold

It's been really cold here the last couple days. Calling for "feels" like -35 C and stuff (which by the way I don't get, if it feels like -35 but it's actually something else, who cares, all that matters is what it feels like cause that how cold you're going feel, in our minds are we like "it feels like -40, but it's really only -10, so I'm not that cold".... Stupid).

So anyways, it's been really cold and getting colder till Monday. So we're staying inside a lot. That's fun, good thing we got our Wii.

Also LOSTclub has started again. We began LOSTclub again Wednesday night after youth. We watched the last 3 hours (by accident) of last season to get us ready for the season premier next Wednesday. We're so pumped. LOST rocks, and LOSTclub makes it even better (in case you're wondering LOSTclub is a group of people from our community that get together to watch, well, LOST, duh, we have a great time trying to figure out what's going on)

That's about it... I have a meeting today to talk about our plans for this years Rally in the Valley. Looking likes it's going to pretty sweet... Matt LeRoy is going to be our speaker and Brent Ingersoll is going to be leading worship, plus we have a sweet sound system and lights rented so it's going to rock.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Classic Video

At Christmas we were enjoying this classic viral video and were told that some people haven't actually seen it yet. So if you haven't seen it, enjoy a good laugh. If you've seen it before it really is still funny to watch again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

NEW Year, Same Blog

Hey all...

I figure it's a new year so we might start updating stuff to this old blog of ours...

So here goes:

  • We still live in Quispamsis, NB (Say it with me "QUIS-PAM-SIS", wasn't that fun)
  • I (Dave) still work at Kings Valley Wesleyan Church... Youth Pastor
  • Lynnette's photography continues to take off check out the updated website ( She's booking for 2010 already... Crazy
  • We even just painted our bathroom chocolate brown with white towels and shower curtain (White and brown in the bathroom all we need is yellow and it will look like a toilet)
  • Oh and we finally got blinds put up (so no more sheets hanging on the windows) I (Dave again) did it myself and it's surprising how complicated an "easy-to-install" thing can be, but I think I got it right in the end and as I said, no more sheets on the windows so yipee
  • We went home for Christmas (Quispamsis-Ottawa-Midland-Ottawa-Quispamsis) Close to 48 hours of driving... Yeah and we still have the Jeep so highways are no pleasure, but it was great to be with family
  • We got a Wii for Christmas (I know I sound like a 12 year old) but really it's a lot of fun, so far we're hooked on bowling and Wii Fit (oh and I got Lego Star Wars so I really am 12 years old again)
Well that's about it... As I said I will try and update this blog more as we find things to tell everyone about... So enjoy