Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today, it's official... I (Lynnette) FINALLY got my PERMANENT RESIDENCE here in Canada!!! A week ago I received a letter saying that my application had been approved & I just had to wait to hear when my official confirmation/ interview would take place. At that time I also received a temporary work permit (YES, I CAN FINALLY WORK & get PAID!) Well today was my official confirmation/ interview and now it's official! My temporary work permit has turned into....well just I can work anywhere with out a "permit". The long wait, and stressful process is finally over, now I just need a job:) I do plan to pursue my photography & until I can really build that up I will be finding something to help pay the bills:) Just wanted to share with all of you the good news! I know I have a heap of other things I need to post about to catch up, but that will just have to wait until an different day:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Net's Trip

My family and friends back home mean sooo much too me & living in Canada now I don't get to see them very often so it was soooo amazing how God provided a way for me to go "home" for 2 weeks! A while back TWO of my friends on separate occasions called me asking if I was willing to do the photography for them for their weddings & I told them both that I would LOVE to I just got to get a way to get there. So in exchange for the photography of the weddings, which just HAPPENED to be 2 weekends in a of the brides paid to fly me in and the other one paid for me to fly home. (isn't God cool!) I mean what are the chances of these wedding being two weekends in a row!!! One in Michigan ( my friend Missy's) and the other in Indiana ( my old roomie & friend, Heather's). Also two locations that I called HOME! So this gave me a lots of opportunities to see tons of family and friends! Unfortunately I was sooo busy when I was on my trip that I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to:( But I'm sooo happy that I got to see the people that I did. Did I not also mention the other things I got to do and be a part of while I was on my trip, (God is so cool with timing) My friend Candy had a baby shower the weekend I was in Michigan, so I got to go to that...and Leah ( my sister ) turned 30 while I was home so we got to through a SURPRISE Party for her!!!! Fun times!

I got to hang out with my nephews...Jensen & Peyton!!

Peyton & Jensen...what cuties!!

Missy's Bachlorette Party....

Missy, Me, Jenny, & Heather...good friends from camp!!

Here's an example of one of the photos I did for Missy's wedding...

Good old camp friends...Jenny, Heather, Joe, Angie, Missy, Lisa, Me, & Christina

Candy's Baby shower...I made homemade baby wipes & gave her the recipe & ingredients to make them herself...(Thanks Corinne for the idea!!)

Lara, Me, Candy, & Leah...little did Leah know that we were having a SURPRISE Party for her 30th right after the baby shower!!


Me, Lara, Leah, Bethany, & Val

Leah's Birthday...

Lara, Me and our cousin Ben @ Wesley Chapel (the church I grew up in)

Me & my awesome parents....

Me & my lil sis Lara:)

I got to surprise Jaena with a visit!!!:)

I also got to surprise Jill with a visit!!

Hanging out with the Mowat cousins was a blast, we had a spaghetti dinner at Stephen & Michelle's place....

Heather's Bachlorette Party...

Here's an example of the photography that I did for Heather's wedding...

IWU friends...
Amy, Lara, Val, Alichia, Heather, Julia, Katie, Me, & Janelle

My Family!!!
Mom, Lara, Leah, Me, & Dad

Hanging out at the James Dean Festival with:
Katie, Bill, Val, Lara, Leah, Alichia, Janelle, Me, & Bethany

Me & Ashlyn got to hang out over dinner...

I thought that this was interesting, I saw this in the airport...what have we come to that we are so impatient that we need a vending machine to buy an IPod!!??! Don't get me wrong I love IPods...but I thought this was just funny!!

The view on the way home....