Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The View- Pastor's Wives Edition

On Mother's Day they asked the wives of all the Pastor's to take over the message with..."The View, Pastor's Wives Edition". We had alot of fun and we discussed "hot topics" such as...should mom's work or stay at do you raise your kids to love Jesus? Then we were able to have an interview with two generations of Mother's...a new mom and her mom. We had alot of fun with this & the church seemed to really enjoy it.

Melanie, Janet, Linda & Lynnette

Lynnette- Pastor Dave's wife, Linda- Pastor Dan's wife, Janet- Pastor Don's wife, and Mel-Pastor Brent's wife.

Our special guests were...Crystal, who just accomplished her first year of motherhood & Crystal's mom, Janice. Who is a Mother of two and Grandmother of three.

The View Girls:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rally in the Valley

Rally in the Valley was an amazing weekend! God truly blessed this event and it was so exciting to see God at work! We had over 350 teens & over 100 + adults attended this district event and 25 students gave their lives to Christ! I was very proud of my husband for pouring his passion & time into this event to make it such a special time for so many students. Check out my facebook to see all the pictures & the rally website! Thank you for all your prayers, God did bless this event and we had a BLAST being used by Him!

Worship was amazing...Pastor Brent & the band did amazing leading us into kick butt worship!

My hubby..ddddave!

Jeremy ( one of the students in our youth group ) led us in worship through his art...

A group of our jr high girls for your youth group did a worship dance during one of the rallies...

Pastor AJ was the speaker for the weekend & did a great job!

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