Friday, November 30, 2007

KV Christmas Coming Soon!!

Our church puts on a big KV Christmas production each year and it is coming up NEXT week!! We have been busy with practices & building the set for the play. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to work hard to pull together all the last details. The second half of our production is the play "Word on the Street". It's a look at Mary & Joesph's reaction when confronted with the miracle of Jesus. It gives a whole new look on what they experienced as if it had happened now in 2007. The purpose of the play is to ask people to TRUST in God...even when things don't make sense. PICTURES are coming soon!

Friday, November 23, 2007

"Yanks"giving 2007

Last year for Thanksgiving was our first year in Canada & a couple in our church were kind enough to cook us an Thanksgiving meal...This year I decided it was time for my 1st attempt at cooking a Turkey...that is a 20lb turkey!! I had a blast, making homemade stuffing and pies!!! We invited as many Americans as we could from our church. It was a great night! Everyone else also provided a dish to share, it was a yummy feast!

My first apple & rhubarb pies...remind me next time to add more sugar, other wise they were very good!

Homemade stuffing, like my Aunt Joan makes...yummmm

20lbs of yummy Turkey

Line up for your food!!

"Kids table"

"Adult table"

Dave & Me

1st Snow...

We had our 1st snow for the year a few weeks was so peaceful, so of course I took pictures:)

Let it snow, let it snow, let in snow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh MAC!!!

Soooo excited!!! Dave totally surprised me, last year for Christmas we said...let's not get anything for each up and get a computer...Well it finally happened just in time for Christmas this year, we got a new iMac!!! It' is sooooo wonderful! I was working all day at the Preschool @ our church, so Dave stayed home because he knew it was coming in the mail...(I had NO clue that he had even ordered it) sooo tonight after Youth Group...when I finally got to come home....Dave was like..."Honey, I have something to show you....and there it was all set up and BEAUTIFUL, our New iMac!!!!! I feel guilty having something soooo nice, but at the same time feel very BLESSED. Here are some photos we took on our iMac's "Photo Booth"...enjoy!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dave's Paren'ts Visit!

Dave's parents came for a visit a few weeks ago & it was so great having them here!! This was Dave's Dad's first visit to our home here in New Brunswick.

Bob (Dad), Freda (Mom), Lynnette, & Dave

Dave & his Dad

Dave's parents brought us our Christmas present early...a New Deep Freezer!! It's awesome, Thank you Thank you....Now we can get stuff on sale & freeze Dave's Mom showed me how to make meat I can freeze them & have a meal ready in no time!

Me & Freda (Dave's Mom)

I had a blast learning how to do this...I felt very Martha Stewartley...:) I even got really good at making the pie crust. Who knew how much fun pie crust could be!:)

The work in progress...

Our finished product....doesn't that just look so YUMMY!!!

Thanks for coming Bob & Freda, we are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time!