Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back Home in Indiana

This weekend Lynnette and I traveled to our old home in Indiana. We spent Friday and Saturday catching up with old friends in Marion. I can't say that Marion has changed a whole lot although the area around campus continues to evolve, the home I used to live in has been removed to make way for the new sanctuary. I don't know if that's ironic or not, but I'm glad to see College Church finally getting started on a build that has been a long time coming. Hopefully this can help College church be a bridge between the campus and the community.

On Sunday we drove to Indianapolis where we hooked up with our good friends "The Zigs" David's uncle Carl blessed us with the opportunity to attend the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500 with him and David's Father also called David (yes that is David, David, David, and Carl). We had a great time at the race, on the second lap there was an accident right in front of us. There was some good passing and it was the second closest finish in 500 history. Our seats were high on turn 2 which gave us an excellent view of the track. I'm very grateful to Dave's uncle for allowing this to happen.

Sunday night Zig's church known simply as Trinity was having an outdoor concert and cookout. It was great, but the best part was getting to see the wonderful and always entertaining Brandon Schenck. This may be the last time I get to see Brandon before he becomes a Navy Seal. So I made sure to wrestle him now, because when he's done his training he will most likely have the ability to kill at will. (not that I put up much of a fight now) It was great to see the Brandon again. Brandon's is one of many Indiana faces I will miss as we move miles, and miles, and miles away.

After another cookout on Monday and a valiant effort to find a water source in Indianapolis with the great graphic creator Kory Pence, we headed up to the Campbell's lake house on Lake Tippy. We spent the day with Darren, Nancy, Kevin and Tucker Campbell. We skied and knee boarded and road jet skis. I even got to try out their new trampoline with Kevin. Let me just tell you that if you've never been on a water trampoline, you have not had fun on water, they're the best. Darren and Nancy and their family have meant so much to me over the years. Darren was the first person to give me an opportunity to work with teen when he allowed me to sponsor at JC Bodyshop after I was denied a spot on an IWU ministry team. They've been there for my ups and downs and everything in between. They even let me move in with them when I graduated from college with no place to live. What a great family.

In all it was a fabulous weekend, and I got to see other people but don't have the room to write about all of them or you'd be reading this post till sometime next week. Let me say this. I know God has called me away from Indiana but the friends that I have made over my time there will be with me everywhere I go. I'll miss you Indiana. Good luck and Good Bye. I go on without you.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peyton's Dedication

Leah, Lynnette, and Peyton
Peyton, what a cutie!!!
Brian, Leah, Peyton, and Pastor Chad

Today, Dave and I went to my sister's youngest son's dedication. Peyton James Perkins is now over 3 months old and such a cutie!! Children are a true gift from God! Dave and I love being the "cool"Aunt and Uncle... we get to love and spoil all of our 4 nephews and 4 nieces and then send them home to their parents!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Genji's Steakhouse Fun!

Dad and Mom Mowat
(Check out my dad, doesn't he look good, I gave him a buzz cut, doesn't he look cute!)
Our Genji Chef did a great job of cooking and entertaining us!
Smile Dave, I'm taking your picture!!! (Yes, he is now a blonde!)
Lovely Lara, not wanting her picture taken....
Leah and Brian are ready to eat ( Brian's first time at Genji's)

Leah and I in the back of the jeep....

Tonight Dave and I went out to eat with my family to Genji's.
Genji's has become a Mowat favorite to go to when it's time celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or whatever needs to be celebrated. Tonight's celebration was in honor of our big move to Canada. God has totally provided and we can't wait to see him glorified! Please keep us in your prayers as we begin the next step in our lives and our ministry.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Canadian Pride, Caramel Reese and a Digital Camera

I keep talking to people who ask me what we're up to, y'know besides starting a new job, moving to another country and buying a home. Well if those things aren't enough for us to be up to I will tell you what else is going on in my life.

Lynnette is at work tonight, and as I wait to watch LOST @9PM on ABC I tuned into the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast of the Oilers/Sharks game 6. I almost came to tears with the pride I felt for my countrymen on this night. First of all I must tell you about what happened in game 5. Before the game, during the singing of the Canadian National Anthem the San Jose fans could be heard booing (for witch the Mayor of San Jose later appologized). I half expected to hear the Canadian fans return the favor (a la Yankees/Red Sox hatred kind of thing). To my utter surprise, instead of booing the people of Edmonton returned hate with love, almost drowning out the singer. Then when the Canadian Anthem was sung, they sang it with all their hearts. This is just another example of why I'm Proud to be Canadian. GO OILERS!!!

Also tonight I purchased the Reese Cups with Caramel. It was delicious. I recomend trying one. Very sweet though, I was only able to eat one. If you choose to try them I suggest following them with milk.

The other thing going on is we bought a digital camera. A Sony Cyber-Shot 6 MP. It's fantastic. The quality is amazing and it even shoots some pretty good video. It's taken me a while to join the digital revolution. I was waiting for the quality to go up and the price to go down. I think we waited long enough. I'm going to use the camera on my trip to Saint John to look at homes. Hopefully soon I will be able to post some pictures of a new home with the camera.

Anyways. That's what we're up to. Oh yeah and Edmonton won 2-0, bring on the Anaheim Might Sucks.

Our New Blog

Lynnette and I are going to be sharing our blogs. This will make my previous blog obsolete. I figure since we're moving to the Maritimes there will be more to post and we will both have things we want to share with everyone. In short two people will mean twice as many posts half the calories.