Thursday, July 12, 2007

Parent's Visit

What a blessing it was for us to have my parents come and stay with us! This was their first time visiting us since we moved to New Brunswick. It was so cool to show them our home, church, & community. We got to do alot of fun things while they were here. One of the highlights for me was going to Prince Edward Island. Every since I was a little girl, I have wanted to go & visit the homeland of Anne of Green Gables:) So we did! We even got to go see the musical..."Anne of Green Gables". My parents and I lovvved that! It was Dave's first experience with Anne with an E. My parents even got to experience a bit of our church camp, Beulah! Overall we had a wonderful time with my parents...and of course I have heaps of pictures to share with you....

Mom & Dad Mowat

I'm Daddy's girl...

Time to take them out on our boat!

Ohhhh look over there....

Time for Dave's famous homemade pizza!!

Heading to Prince Edward Island...aka---P.E.I

Mom just lovvvvved all the pretty wild flowers!!
The ORIGINAL Green Gables...the one from the movie is in Toronto...

Having fun in P.E.I!

What do you think....who makes a better Anne Shirley?? My vote is for Dave!

Mom is sooo cute as a red head!

Time for some famous Raspberry Cordial!

Isn't it beautiful!!

Thanks Mom & Dad for coming & visiting, we had a blast!

Monday, July 09, 2007


July 1st was Canada Day. Last year we spent Canada Day with the Lamos Family, so this year we decided to make it a tradition & do it again!:) I'm glad that Canada Day is so close to July 4th (Independence Day) makes me feel like I'm not missing out on every American Holiday. None the less we had a blast with the Lamos Family once again on Canada Day!

The Lamos Family, Olivia, & Dave

Lynnette & Linda


Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Well it's hard to believe that our Vacation Bible School (aka: Avalanche Ranch) has come and gone. We have one the BEST children's ministries directors, she is amazing (Linda Lamos) and each year she along with her volunteers have a blast putting on a vacation bible school for our church & community. This year's theme was Avalanche Ranch, & it was heaps of fun. Over 150 kids showed up to hear the gospel in a "HOWDY PARTNER" sorta way...Because of the kids reached the goal of 150...our pastors (including my wonderful husband, Dave) all got whipped creamed & a bucket of COLD water dumped on them. The kids LOVED that!

Rally time @ the beginning had all the kids together for a drama & singing...then they were split in groups to go to game time, craft, snack, & Chatter theater...then back for a closing rally with music & spotlight drama:)

Linda getting the kids excited for the day @ Avalanche Ranch...

Lynnette & Linda

Who is having fun??? ME!!!

Lynnette & Maryann

Gang is all here!!

The kids got to share on Sunday in front of the Church, what they had done & learned @ VBS.

Dave is clapping, he's soo excited to get whipped creamed!

Pastor Dan doesn't know what to think....

Is that our Senior Pastor Don or is it Joker???


It's cold.........

Screaming won't help you now Don!

Dave & Dan are happy it's all over...