Saturday, October 28, 2006

KV Youth Leadership

We were afraid during this Summer that we wouldn't have enough leaders to have small groups during youth night...but God provided!! Our leaders rock and they have been doing an amazing job so far this year! Dave and I plan to have a get together outside of Youth once a month with our leaders. It gives us a chance to share about what God is doing in our individual youth small groups. We had a great time the other night with the Youth Leadership, and here are a few pictures for you to see.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love Lucy

Isn't our cat soo cute!! I have always been a "cat person", now that doesn't mean that I'm not a "dog person" too...and I wish we still did have our dog Titan...but I wanted to post today about our wonderful cat...Lucy. Since we don't have kids yet, I have to brag about something and that one thing today is our cat Lucy. Lucy is loved by many and is known to be very friendly...even friendly to those who hate cats (Valerie). Anywho, I had an half an hour the other day to kill, before Dave and I went out to the movies with some friends so I decided to have a photo shoot of Lucy.

Lynnette and Lucy

Lucy being camera shy...

Awww, isn't she beautiful:)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Canada's Thanksgiving!

Well today is my very first Canadian Thanksgiving! It's a beautiful fall day and the leaves are soo awesome (sorry you can't see them in these pictures)! Yesterday after church we were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Ingersoll's. We had a great afternoon with Brent and Melanie and all their family up at their cottage at Beulah. Beautiful day and yummy turkey, can't complain about that!:)

Brent, Melanie, Dave, and Lynnette

Beautiful Fall Day at Beulah

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a Difference Paint Makes

We were blessed to be able to start painting our house this week. Lynnette had picked out the colours some time ago but we were waiting to have the money to get started (paint can be expensive). We started with the Living Room and the hallway. Here are some before and during pics of the project. We were lucky enough to have had previous owners that had the house painted rather neutral so it wasn't too bad waiting to paint, but it sure is going to look good. We'll post some more when it's all done.

Living Room Before

Living Room During

Hallway Before

Hall During

Wall in Kitchen Before
(It's going to be the same colour as the Hallway)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

First Guests to Stay

We have had the privilege of having several different guests over the past few months we have been living in Quispamsis, but all our guests have been new friends from Kings Valley...until now. This week we had our first guests to stay! Visiting us from Ottawa, Ontario...Dave's Uncle Fred and Aunt Janie came to visit and stayed with us the past few days! It was great having them here to visit with and show around our new church, city, and home.

We took Uncle Fred and Aunt Janie on a bit of a tour and saw the sites of Quispamsis and Saint John.

Uncle Fred and Aunt Janie took us out for lunch one of the days at a local lobster restaurant in Saint John.

Need a bib?

It was very yummy!

Thanks for coming and visiting with us Fred and Janie, we had heaps of fun!