Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Idol Debut

Thought you all might want to see our promo for our "North American Idol" skit we're doing in church on Sunday. The month has featured various T.V. shows a way to encourage people to invite their friends, we've done CSI:Jerusalem, Survivor, Deal or No Deal and now American Idol. It's been fun.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave!

Yesterday was Dave's 30th Birthday!!! Yes my man is now "Over the Hill"! Dave took the day off and stayed home and relaxed and then I through a party for him in the evening to celebrate the BIG 30! Our friends Dave & Corinne were kind enough to host the party at their place, which was sooo nice of them. We all had heaps of fun!

The Birthday Boy:)

God has truly blessed Dave & I with many friends to share our lives with and many came out to celebrate Dave's Big day:)

Dave's favorite...Cookie dough ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

Happpppppppppy Birthday tooooooo yooooooou.........

Dave & Corinne have a cool theater room and Dave thought it would be fun to display (my Dave's) face...hehehe

Dave with Dan, Jeremy, and John.

The Boys...Brent, Dave, Dave, and Anthony.

The Girls...Corinne, Lynnette, Melanie, and Crystal.

Lynnette & Dave

To see more pictures from Dave's Birthday Party...check out our Facebook account's.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sister time!

Last Saturday night my sisters got on opportunity to fly in for a visit for a few days! What a blessing to have my family come for a visit. It was soo wonderful to have my sisters here and to show them around our new home, church, and city. The visit went way too fast, but the time we shared of course I captured with pictures!! And these aren't even half of the pictures I took! (you know me:)

Lara & Leah fresh off the air plane in Moncton.

The Sisters! Lynnette, Lara, and Leah....right before Church.

Dave's BIG Birthday (30) is coming up soon in April, so Leah & Lara brought him his B-Day gifts early...Colts stuff!

Yes its Spring, and Yes that's snow in the didn't last long, but it's back again today!
Here is Leah & Lara trying Poutine...okay from what I know we don't have that in the States, atleast I had never heard of it...but it's AWESOME, very yummy!

During one of their days here I took them into Saint John to shopping @ the mall & go to the City Market.

The City Market...kinda cool:)

TaaaaDaaaaaa! We are silly:)

Lara & Lynnette

Lara, Lynnette, & Leah....
Dave was having fun that day posing for the camera, He and Lara are racing up the beach @ St. Martin's in this next picture. We are headed to go see the Caves.

St. Martins

Leah & Lara

Cool Bridge...

There are a few more pictures I would like to add but for some reason it won't let me...if you would like to see ALL of the pictures of my sister's visit look me up on FACEBOOK! Overall it was sooooo wonderful having my sisters here for a visit!! Love you both heaps!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not-So-Extreme Makeover:Kitchen Edition

We replaced the hardware in our kitchen last week. My parents picked up these beautiful handles from Lee Valley for us and I brought them home from my trip up there last week. We put the new handles up Saturday and they look great. Just thought you'd all like to see the difference.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Inside KV

Kings Valley sends out a weekly e-mail to people interested. Pastor Don had asked the staff to write up brief devotion-like articles to be featured in the e-mail. This week Don used one of my pieces. Here it is for any of you out there that don't get the Inside KV e-mail.


April 5, 2007

What’s Up (brief words from Dave)

I love the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I think it’s one of the best shows on television. Last week’s show featured the Wilson family. Mrs. Wilson was a grandmother of 4 who had her grandchildren come live with her when things weren’t working out with their mother. The family was living in a trailer that was being held together by duct tape. Even the grandmother was forced to share a bed with one of her grandchildren. When the limousine came to pick the family up, it was as large as the home they had been living in. The Wilson family was whisked away on a vacation while the designers and contractor built them a brand new home. Seven days later, the family returned to find a beautiful, spacious new home where there was once a beat up, cramped trailer. Mrs. Wilson fell to the ground when she saw the new home. She couldn’t even bring herself to walk through the front door when it came time for the family to see their home. When she saw the rooms and everything that had been given to her, she became more and more amazed. “It’s like a dream but it’s real,” she said. I love this part of the show. I love to see the family’s faces as they see their rooms or the backyard, or the new car that is left for them in the drive way. The families are always so thankful.

The Bible tells us to take off the old self and put on the new. We have been given this new life by our Lord and Savior. Where there once was a rundown, beaten up, Old life, Jesus came in and gives us a brand new, bigger and brighter new life. Better than we had ever dreamed. Sometimes we are like the Wilson family, and we fall to our knees with gratitude for the gift we have been given, but other times we take this new life for granted, and we ask God, “why can’t we have this in our life? Or where is that in this life?” I have yet to tune into Extreme Makeover Home Edition and have one of the kids walk into their room and say, “well I don’t really like purple, I hate this room, make it better.”

I ask you to think back to the life you had before Jesus entered and think about where you would be now without him. Take a chance today to thank God for your Extreme Makeover: Life Edition.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Live in Concert

This past Friday I had the opportunity to go to an Underoath/Taking Back Sunday show in Montreal. A group of teens from KV Youth we're telling me about the show a couple months ago and said they didn't have a ride, so I offered to drive if we could find a van. The Hicks we nice enough to lend us the van so Jeremy Lamos, Harley Hicks, and Keith Maber loaded up the Hick's van and headed up to the concert. We went to Ottawa first and spent the night Thursday at my Mom and Dad's place. We woke up and headed to Montreal.

The concert was at Olympia Theatre on Saint Catherine in Montreal. It reminded me a little of the places we'd see in New York or Haight Street in San Fran. There were rainbows in all the windows and a Peep Show place was across the street. I thought this was an interesting place for a "Christian" band to be playing, but then I thought if Christ was a rocker (and was a the Rock Star of his time) he'd probably be playing right here.

We waited outside for a couple hours and then were let in. The venue was a 1200 seat auditorium that had the lower seats removed. A perfect place to see a rock show. It was an old theater so it have the feel of the Pearl Jam "Alive" video from back in the day. A band Armor for Sleep opened the show and were alright. Underoath was up next and totally rocked the place. Spencer came out late in their set and performed an acoustic song that was pretty sweet. The thing I think I was most impressed with was near the end when Spencer talked to the crowd about Jesus Christ. He said that this band is here to honor their Lord Jesus Christ. Usually I had when Christian band say things like this because usually I see bands at "Christian" event and they say it and everybody cheers. It just seems cheesy to me. But here, Spencer was saying this in a place that he not only wouldn't get cheered he could actually get booed for having these beliefs. We went on to say "I'd tell you to take my word for it, but why should you, just know that Jesus Christ has saved my life time and time again". Pretty freakin' cool. Taking Back Sunday closed the show and were really good as well. I think I prefered Underoath though.

After the show we drove straight back here through the night. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I slept from 6-7 AM in Edmunston and then we kept going, go home around 10:30 or so Atlantic Time. I was pretty tired that's why this post isn't up till today. Lynnette's Sisters got here Saturday night and we're spending the week with them. I'm sure there will be a post about that soon.