Friday, June 30, 2006

My 1st Cake

It's true, it may sound strange...but I have never made a cake until now. I have baked heaps of other things but for some reason I have never made a cake. It was a lot of fun, I felt like I was Martha Stewart, I really enjoyed doing it! It was a white cake with chocolate frosting, topped with powder sugar and hersey kisses. Dave doesn't eat cake so maybe thats why I haven't attempted it until now. Last night we had our new Pastor and his family over. (The Ingersoll's: Don, Janet, and Lindsay) They are such an awsome family, we had a great time with them over dinner. We had Dave's famous hamburgers, and my cake..... YUM! :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Goodbye Border!



The Mess...

What can I say...I'm not a border kinda of girl:) I have paint colors picked out for all the rooms but that will come later...but the border had to go! I wish I could say it was easy to take down but after a few hours of soaking and scraping...I would have to say to all of you, "Just say NO to border!" :)

This evening Dave and I went and helped out with VBS...the "Fiesta!" we had lots of fun! And on Sunday if they get over 150 kids at VBS then all the pastors get a pie in the face! Soooo we were up to almost 120 tonight and it is just the beginning of the week soooo looks like Dave's gonna get a pie in the face on Sunday!! Hehehehehe:)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jensen!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jensen Perkins. Wish we were there, hope you have a great one. Enjoy the video. Eat lots of cake.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our 1st Guests

Tonight Dave and I had our very first official guests come to our new home here in Quispamsis. The Avery's (Paul, Carolyn, Laura, and Patrick) opened their home to us the very 1st weekend here in Quispamsis, when Dave was interviewing at Kings Valley Wesleyan Church. The Avery's also opened their home to us once again when we first moved here and we were waiting to close on our house. They have made us feel very welcome here in Quispamsis and Kings Valley sooo we wanted to return the favor and have them over for some home made pizza! Dave made the pizza and I made the fruit salad. We had a great time over dinner...eating and laughing. Dave and I looked forward to many more guests in the future.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Dad Mowat and Dad Mason

Dave and I are very privileged to have such amazing Christian Fathers. We love you both so much! Thank you for your shoulders to lean on and for you loving embrace. We cherish all the memories that you have created for us and we look forward to making many more memories in the future. Hope you both have a wonderful Fathers Day!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Grand Tour

Here it is, the tour of our home. Enjoy.


It's true, we are officially home owners. We closed on the house on Thursday (a day late, but at least it's over). And with the help of some amazing teens and amazing neighbours we were able to get all out stuff out of the truck. Thanks so much to everyone that help. We feel so blessed to be a part of such a great community of believers.

Our realtor, Irma, even stopped by with a fruit basket to welcome us home. We feel like we just appeared on Extreme Makeover or something. God is so awesome. We've been through a tough year and it's been hard to know what to do next, but I've never been more sure of anything (except maybe marrying Lynnette) than that this is the place we are supposed to be. We are blessed. I look forward to see what God has in hold for our future here in Quispamsis.Thanks to everyone that has been a blessing to us this past year, you are too many to name. Thanks.
Oh yeah and our softball team won both games of a double header, I think I went 3 for 3 in the second game and 2 for 4 in the first, but came through in the clutch (6th inning needing runs I kept a rally going). And I played short, just call me Jeter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moving Daze

Monday we began our 22 hour journey to Quispamis, New Brunswick. Monday went fairly smooth...well at least after we were flagged down on the high way only 10 minutes down the road...I guess we were dragging a chain and in result producing a small fireworks show for our fellow road travelers. Once we pulled over and fixed the chain we were off again! Thank you so much for all of you that prayed that our border crossing would go well, prayers were answered and it did!! Because we were so well prepared with paper work, and a complete detail list of all the belongings on the truck we didn't have any glitches. We were only at the border for an hour and half...( some may think that is long... but it could have been A LOT longer if they would have made us take everything out of our truck.) First things first when you come to the border with a HUGE UHAUL truck, you have to pull over where all the other truck drivers pull over to be inspected...then Dave did a wonderful job reversing our rather Large truck, that was pulling a trailer that had our jeep on it...(So I'm not a very good writer, and I have run on sentences...Sorry) He had to reverse the truck and trailer up to the Immigration building. Then we went inside were we had to go to Immigration (I'm not a Canadian) so that I could get an official "Visitor Record" so that I can live in Canada with my husband... I will be applying for permanent Residence once we get settled in our house. Then we were off to Customs...where we answered questions about our belongings...and presented our detailed list of all our stuff in our truck...One thing we didn't know we had to do was list all the "$ value" of each thing on the while our Customs Guard filled out paper work... Dave hurried to put a garage sale price on everything on the list. Once that was completed we were sent to a waiting room....I was bummed because I thought we were done, but no we were then sent to a waiting room with a bunch of Truck Drivers, we both stood out like a soar thump!! Praise the Lord, we only had to wait for like 10 minutes and they called our name! And we were off!! At this time Dave thought they were then going to open our truck and go through things, but they said we were all set and we could leave!! So then we continued our journey until we got to Ottawa, (Dave's parents house) Dave's Mom had wonderful home-made pizza waiting for us when we arrived. The next morning (Tuesday) we were off again...Our poor cat...We got medicine for Lucy from the vet (thanks to Angie Schenk's advice) so that she wouldn't be freaking out as we traveled...well who knew that Lucy could be so mean when she was drugged...she was so out of it her poor little eyes rolled back and when she got near Dave or I she would try to bite we learned quick and put her back in her little pet taxi and she slept the rest of the trip. We arrived safe and sound in Quispamsis around 9:30PM. We were suppose to close on the house tomorrow (Wednesday) but because of some glitch with the water inspection our closing on our house is moved to Thursday. Tonight we are staying with the Avery's (a great family from our new church). Thanks again for all of you who prayed for our long trip, your prayers were felt and answered!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Seal Dribble

With the world cup happening I figured I would take a moment to share a soccer video. This kid Kerlon Moura Souza (set to play with Manchester United next season) came up with this move they call the "seal dribble". I don't care if you don't like soccer this is freakin' amazing.

In The End: a rant about moving and other stuff

Well, it's almost time for us to start our new journey. It's Saturday and we got most our stuff packed into the UHaul today. We set off Monday morning at around 8 am for anyone that is keeping track. It was a crazy day today, first of all Lynnette and I set out this morning at 8:15 to pick up the truck in Harrison, MI (a 50 min drive) only to find out they didn't have a truck for us, so they sent us to Mt. Pleasant (25 min from Harrison, and 30 min from Midland) finally got the truck. Then I went to Sears to pick up our brand new Kenmore Appliances... go Sears. I then picked the auto transport in Midland. And my MasterCard Debit Card was declined because I had put a large amount on it earlier in the day (the truck rental, "debit cards work like credit cards" my butt... booo MasterCard Debit Card). So I had to walk through the ATM drive up (cause the truck was too big to fit, we got the big one 26', holy cow by the way). Then I finally get the transport and back to the house in time to go to the movies with our nephew Jensen for his first movie "Cars" (great movie by the way, make sure you watch the credits, best part of any Pixar movie... go Pixar). Then we get back from the movie and Lynnette had to go to work. So Brian (brother-in-law), Leah (sister-in-law, married to Brian), and Lara (other sister-in-law) went and put our stuff from storage (I greatly appreciated the help, my in-laws rock, even if they cheer for all the wrong sports team, or maybe it's me that cheers for the wrong team). We get the stuff packed (80% down, will finish tomorrow) in time to head out to Pizza Hut for one last night out together... go Pizza Hut. I got home in time to watch the 2nd and 3rd period of the Stanley Cup Finals... go Edmonton (and for anyone that watched the game, the disallowed goal by Edmonton was a crap call, good thing it didn't cost them the game). Now it's late and I'm tired. I figured we hadn't posted in a while so I would write something down before we leave. We never planned on being here this long (we never planned on being here at all) but it really hasn't been that bad. I feel like I've gotten to know my in-laws a lot better (as I said, other then the preference for the wrong teams they're pretty cool... go in-laws, sorry to anyone out there whose in-laws don't rock). I may actually end up missing Midland, I won't miss living in a basement, but I'll miss the the people. Good by Midland, we'll be back to visit.

One and one last thing. On Monday at around 10 am well be crossing the border into Canada, please pray that it goes smoothly. I'm sure it will, but anyone that's crossed the border a lot knows that anything can happen. Pray that our guard is nice to us and that they don't search the truck (we don't have anything to hide, it would just suck to have to pack it all in again). Pray that we get through without problems, this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Take Us Out To The Ballgame

Lynnette, Ben Mowat (our cousin) and I had the opportunity to go to the Detroit Tigers/Boston Red Sox game today. It was fantastic!! Even though we had to sit in traffic for close to an hour to get there and the Tigers lost (8-3) it was still a great time. We ended up sitting in the General Managers box seats in the front of the upper deck, directly behind home plate. This was a great view, especially when we saw the Tigers manager thrown out after arguing a non-strike call. Great times had by all and one more stadium added to my list.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saying Goodbye...

Saturday, my family had a "Goodbye BBQ" for Dave and I. It was sooo much fun seeing so many of our family members. The afternoon was filled with sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain and then some more rain...then sunshine again!! We all had heaps of fun eating, laughing, playing games, and telling stories. We had a four hour game of circle volleyball, followed by 'smores and crazy singing around a bonfire.
And for the night owls... the party continued with a game of Riga- marole, until 2:30 in the morning!! Heaps of fun! My family is such a blessing...they are more then just family...they are my close friends. Thank you all who traveled far or just a little to come...I love you all very much! Let's continue to make lasting memories together.